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Alumni FAQ


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Frequently Asked Questions

RSM UK Alumni Network FAQs

Getting in touch

What is the RSM UK Alumni Network? 

Our Alumni Network is a way for former and current colleagues to connect, explore and share insights, news and ideas. There are plenty of events, interest groups, news and opportunities to expand your network with old and new connections.

How do you get in touch with us?

If you’ve got any questions that are not answered on this page, contact our alumni team on alumni@rsmuk.com.

How do I invite other people to RSM UK Alumni Network?

If you would like to invite other former colleagues to the network, we would be delighted to welcome them. You can send them this link.

Using the platform

What interest groups can I join?

There are a number of interest groups featured in our dedicated Alumni Network. If you see a group that you would like to join, click ‘join group’. In some instances, you will be granted immediate access, in others additional approval may be needed, for example, in our ‘Former Partner’ group. 

How do I start a group?

If you identify an opportunity to start an interest group on the platform, then you can either email alumni@rsmuk.com or click on the ‘suggestions’ button on the homepage and submit your request. We will review and get back to you as soon as we can. 

How do I set up my profile?

Your profile will populate automatically based on the information you supply during registration. After your profile is set up, you will be able to edit it. 

How do I set up my preferences?

By registering on the RSM UK Alumni Network platform, you will be agreeing to receive communications. You can, however, change this in the ‘my preferences’ section of your profile. 

How do I link my social media account?

When registering for the RSM UK Alumni Network, there will be an opportunity to link your LinkedIn account. 

How do I access the code of conduct and legal information?

You can find our code of conduct and privacy policies, here

Human resources/people questions

Who can I speak to about returning to the firm?

When registering for the RSM UK Alumni Network, you can identify whether you are interested in returning to the firm. Outside of that, you can find our latest opportunities in the ‘career’ section of the platform, or email alumni@rsmuk.com with any specific questions and we will escalate your query to the most relevant person. 

Careers and referrals

How do I identify myself as alumni when applying for a job at the firm? 

When you apply for any role via our website or alumni platform, you will be asked if you have worked for RSM, previously. This means we will be alerted when any alumni would like to re-join the firm. 

If I have a contact who might be interested in a role, what should I do?

You can share a link to any of the roles on our careers site. You can also email alumni@rsmuk.com, so that our alumni team know they were referred by you.